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Major Product

The Openbook Protocol.

A protocol featuring a high-frequency off-chain order book with on-chain settlement, enabling capital-efficient peer-to-peer markets.

The Openbook Protocol is essentially defined as a major product that brings together other modules into a single platform. Put simply, it can be described as a core layer open to developing different concepts of products.

Core Product

OTC Portal.

Our Advanced OTC Portal provides a seamless experience for both public and private orders, allowing users to execute large trades with minimal slippage.

Core Product

DCA Modules.

The Customizable DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) Module enables users to automate their investment strategies and accumulate assets over time with disciplined periodic purchases.

Core Product

AI Strategy.

Our AI Powered Strategy Portal leverages artificial intelligence to optimize trading strategies and enhance portfolio management.

Core Product

Limit Order Aggregation.

Unlike traditional limit order protocols, Pday introduces an alternative & unique approach to the Pulsechain community.

New products will be released to foster the development of the Pulsechain ecosystem.

Efforts will be made to increase transaction volume on the chain and keep liquidity assets active.

Alternative trading options will be created for users, and protocols with sustainable economies will be constructed.


Pday is being built by the Piteas development team to provide alternative trading options to Pulsechain users. It will produce and offer products in several areas crucial for the ecosystem, benefiting the community.

The implementation of frequently discussed OTC, DCA, and limit order modules will increase diversity within the ecosystem and directly impact the chain's volume positively. Additionally, the OTC portal will isolate liquidity sources on the chain, aiding in maintaining price stability during significant transactions.

Our team believes that every protocol should have a distinct revenue model. Similar to Piteas, Pday will have a unique revenue model, and these earnings will be utilized directly or indirectly for the protocol's development and growth. The protocol's revenue will be generated from OTC, DCA, and limit order models.

PDAY, the governance and utility token of Pday, represents a critical aspect of the ecosystem. This token will be used for governance within the protocol and will also be backed by protocol revenues to support price stability and liquidity assets. The importance of the token will increase as the protocol and its products generate revenue.

Speaking for all products, they will undergo thorough audits by third-party auditing firms throughout the development and pre-release stages. Despite being built by experienced developers, we believe multiple audits are crucial for the protocol's security. Products undergo rigorous testing and attack simulations before release, and the process continues until all deficiencies are addressed.

Community support for Pday is essential, especially when done without any return expectations. A sacrifice round will be initiated for Pday, and this process will be transparently conducted similar to Piteas. More details:

Detailed explanations for major and core products of Pday can be found in the documentation. Additionally, all development steps and contract addresses for the protocol will be published there. Please get started on for detailed explanations.